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Judicial Building Security Checkpoint Guidelines

Upon entry to any court facility, you are subject to search. You will be required to pass through a security checkpoint upon entry into the building. People with disabilities will need to speak to the Deputy for the necessary accommodations. 

The security checkpoint is very similar to other security checkpoints in that you will be required to place any hand carried items (such as purses, briefcases, packages, lunch boxes, umbrellas, etc.), you will also be required to remove your belt and empty your pockets of any metal items (such as keys, pens, loose change, cigarette packs, foil wrapped items, wallets, pagers) into a plastic bin located on the counter at the checkpoint. 

As you pass through the metal detector, do not touch the sides of the metal detector.  If the metal detector beeps, you will be asked to step back and check your pockets again.  In some instances, you may be requested to remove articles of clothing such as shoes, jacket or coat.

Cell phones are not allowed in the Courtrooms. If you are coming to court, please leave your phone in your vehicle.

No weapons of any kind will be allowed in the judicial building, and any prohibited items are subject to seizure.  Examples are listed below.  However, this is not a complete list.

• Any item that could be used as a weapon.
• Aerosol spray paint or hairspray
• Glass containers
• Guns, stun guns or tasers
• Handcuffs or handcuff keys
• Knife of any length
• Pepper spray or mace
• Scissors, nail files or knitting needles
• Unauthorized tools

There are no storage facilities for such items and deputies are not allowed to hold personal items.  If you have such items with you, they may be seized, or you may be allowed the opportunity to choose between disposing of them or taking them out of the building and off county property.  You will not be allowed through the security checkpoint until you no longer have these items on your person.  Therefore, please do not bring them with you.

If you leave the secure area of any building at any time, you will be required to repeat this procedure every time you reenter the secure area of the building.


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