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Criminal FAQ

Yes, Lawrence County is a mandatory appearance court. You or your attorney would need to be present for your scheduled court dates.

You may check your case on If you are unable to locate your court date and time, please contact our office at (417) 466-2471 option 8.

Having counsel in any criminal case is usually advisable, but whether one is required is dependent upon the nature of the charge and is ultimately to be decided by the Judge in each case. Whether the court appoints an attorney, depends on the financial resources and circumstances of each defendant and is ultimately up to the Judge.

Once you have received a judgment from the Court the following payment options are found here.

Any extension must be approved by the judge and may require a court appearance. The Judge or Clerk will NOT grant an extension by telephone and there is no grace period on payments. To request extensions, please contact the Circuit Clerk’s Office either by mailing a correspondence to the Judge on your case or sending an email to

Please note that if your costs are in collections, you will not be able to request an extension on cost.

Any cash bond must be ordered refunded by the judge. Please make your request at time of judgment or come to open court. Refunding the bond depends on the circumstances of the case and will be at the discretion of the judge.

If you bonded on case you are required to appear if you further question please call 417-466-2471.

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If you have you will need to turn yourself into the Lawrence county sheriff or call an attorney. You can also contact local law enforcement to voluntarily turn yourself into be booked, post bond and be given a court date.

If represented by an attorney, contact your attorney.

Please contact the Department of Revenue at (573) 526-2407 or visit their website at

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