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Civil Case Overview


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The Civil Division of the Circuit Clerk’s office maintains all official records when the legal rights and responsibilities involving individuals or corporations are to be determined by a court. The Associate Civil division handles small claims cases for money owing up to $5,000.00, rent and possession, and civil actions up to $25,000.00. The Circuit Civil division handles lawsuits involving actions over $25,000.00 and enforcement of private rights between parties.

Individuals can also petition the Court to reinstate their driving privileges or to get a title on a vehicle. Entries of court activity can be accessed on most cases through

Court Clerks are prohibited from giving legal advice pursuant to Supreme Court, Operating Rule 25.

Pro Se

A party in a civil action may choose to participate in the judicial process without legal representation and represent herself/himself in court.  This is called pro se.  Although it is strongly recommended that a party be represented by legal counsel, self-represented litigants have a right to access the judicial system without legal representation.



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