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Child Support & Q&A


Please mail your payments to:


PO BOX 109002

Jefferson City, MO 65110-9002


You may pay with the following methods: Personal Checks, Cashier Checks, or Money Orders.

Include your Court Order number and/or your MACSS case ID number to ensure your payment is posted correctly. You will not receive a receipt, so it is up to you to keep records of your transactions. Be sure your name and return address on your envelope is legible.


To make support payments online go to


Another option is to pay by phone using a Credit or Debit card by calling (888) 761-3665.

The Circuit Clerk’s Office does not process payments for child support or maintenance.


Please note that the FSPC (Family Support Payment Center) does not issue checks. They will either electronically deposit the payment into your bank account, -or- they will issue you a “smiONE Card” (similar to a Debit Card) and load the payments as they are received. For more information regarding setting up this option, please call 888-761-3665.


To view/print 13 months of payments and disbursements online go to:


For payment information call (800) 225-0530. You will need to have your MACSS ID numberready before you call since you will be instructed to enter that number into their automated system. Once you have entered your correct ID number, you will have access to the last three (3) payments made.


For any other information concerning your account, call (866) 313-9960. See also Family Support Division at:

Contact the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) at 1-866-313-9960.

Print out and fill out an Affidavit of Termination of Child Support found here.

If you receive the child support, submit the completed form with your photo ID to the Circuit Clerk’s office.
If you pay the child support, submit the completed form with your photo ID to the Circuit Clerk’s office. If the person receiving support needs to be served you will need to contact the Sheriff of the County where they reside to arrange for service.

Child Support will automatically terminate with no action by the parties being necessary.

Information on modifying child support and the Motion to Modify Child

Support forms may be found at

Only the person who is receiving child support or maintenance may file. Fill out the Affidavit of Credit form here. Include on the form the money amount to be forgiven whether it be for a partial or complete satisfaction. You can forgive a past owed amount, but not current or future amounts. Submit the form in person to the Circuit Clerk’s office along with your photo ID.

Fill out the Income Withholding for Support form here with filing instructions being. The monthly arrears that can be withheld may not exceed 50% of the monthly child support or maintenance amount. Submit the completed form to the Circuit Clerk’s office. 

You must be a party on the case. Make your request in person at the Circuit Clerk’s office by providing your court case number and MACCS ID number. There is a charge of .10 cents per page for a plain copy.

Click here for Child Support forms.


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