Judicial Center Building Security

Lawrence County Justice Center Security:

As you enter the Lawrence County Justice Center you will be required to pass through a security checkpoint. No exceptions will be allowed. People with disabilities will need to speak to the security staff for the necessary accommodations.

The security checkpoint is very similar to airport security checkpoints in that you will be required to deliver any hand carried items (i.e., purses, briefcases, packages, lunch boxes, umbrellas, etc.) to the security officer for inspection. You will also be required to empty your pockets of any metal items (e.g. keys, pens, loose change, cigarette packs, foil wrapped items, wallets, pagers) into a plastic basket available at the checkpoint. 

As you pass through the metal detector, do not touch the sides of the metal detector. If the metal detector beeps, you will be asked to step back and check your pockets again. In some instances you may be requested to remove articles of clothing, such as a belt, steel-toed boots, jacket or coat and place them in the plastic basket.

No cell phones are allowed in the Justice Center.

No food or drinks are allowed in the Justice Center.

No weapons of any kind will be allowed in the Justice Center. Examples include: mace, pocket knives of any length, scissors, unauthorized tools, or any other item that could be used as a weapon. There are no storage facilities for such items, and security staff is not allowed to hold personal items. If you have such items with you, you will be instructed to take the items out of the building and you will not be allowed through the security checkpoint until you no longer have these items on your person. Therefore, please do not bring such items with you!

If you leave the secure area of any building at any time, you will be required to repeat this procedure every time you re-enter the secure area of the building.
Following the steps above will assist in completing the process in a quick and efficient manner. 

The following is an excerpt from the Local Court Rules:

Cameras, microphones, and recording devices, including cell phones, smart phones,
tablets, computers or other devices with camera, sound or video recording capability, or
with the capability of sending text messages or emails or wirelessly communicating in
any manner shall not be permitted in the Courtroom except under Supreme Court Rule 16
and except for attorneys in good standing and their aides, court personnel and bailiffs. No
person in the courtroom shall take any photograph or make any recording, except those
persons authorized by the Court to preserve the record. Any person violating this rule
shall be removed from the courtroom.

With regard to jury trials, when the panel of jurors (and alternates) is selected to hear the case, any device subject to this rule belonging to any juror or alternate shall be labeled, turned off and kept by the bailiff in a receptacle outside the courtroom to be available for use by the juror or alternate during breaks and to take home at the conclusion of each day.

Courts Building:

After you have passed through the security checkpoint, the Circuit Clerk’s Office, and Court room C are to your right. The Public Administrator’s Office is straight ahead from the security check point. Court rooms A and B and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office are on the second floor. The Sheriff’s Office is located in the lower level. They both can be accessed via the staircase adjacent to the security area or by the elevator. The elevator to the second floor and lower level is located to the right of the security area.


Cameras are not allowed in the Judicial Center.
No food or drink is allowed in the Judicial Center.
No cell phones or audible pagers are allowed in the Judicial Center.
Conversations should be conducted outside the courtrooms.
Loud conversations are not acceptable at any time in the building.

People entering in the Judicial Center should wear appropriate attire.


The following is an excerpt from the Local Court Rules:

9.4 Courtroom Decorum and Dress
In order to maintain order and uphold the dignity and decorum of the judicial
branch of our government, rules of conduct and attire for litigants, counsel, witnesses,
court staff and spectators will ensure that persons in the courtroom do not obstruct or
interfere with the orderly transaction of court business nor degrade or insult the dignity of
the judicial proceedings, judicial officers, witnesses and others in the courtroom.

Shirts and shoes must be worn in the courtroom.
All undergarments must be covered by outer clothing.
Trousers must be worn at the appropriate waistline and must not drag on the
ground beyond a full break.
Jail jumpsuits shall have no more than the top button/snap/closure unfastened.

Prohibited attire includes:
Heavily soiled clothing
Slippers/house shoes
Clothing exposing the midriff
Tank tops
Undershirts worn as shirts
“See through” shirts
Cut-off pants
Bathing suits
Non-prescription sunglasses
Clothing emblazoned with obscene words, images or messages
contemptuous or disrespectful of the judicial process.
Shirts open below the arms